The Day After the End of My Blog Tour...

I left the house at 7 a.m. so I could be in Porterville by 7:30.

I had to set up for a craft fair where I would be selling my books. I asked to be on the patio to save hubby and me from struggling with our Easy-Up tent (which isn't so easy, but much easier than earlier versions we've had).
All we had to do was put up our table and two chairs, put a table cloth on the table (black with crime scene tape) and set up the books. I have stands for them. I also have business cards and a guest book for people to sign if they'd like to get my email newsletter.

We shared the space with a gal who had a set-up that was almost like a store--she sold purses, hats, flipflops, tops and other interesting and very decorated items. In the same patio was another woman who had a table like us and sold home made jewelry.

It was slow, slow, slow in the a.m. because a Cinco de Mayo parade was going on only two blocks away and come to find out there were booths along the street there. At first, I only sold one book and that was to one of the organizers.

Things picked up a bit after noon. No, I didn't sell tons of books, but I did sell a few and several asked if my books were on Kindle--which they are. One lady wanted to know if I accepted Pay Pal on my website, which I do. So there may be some later effects from this selling venue.

Did I have fun? Sure. Talked to lots of people and I won a gift basket.

This is just one of the many things I do as part of my marketing plan.

We were through at 4 and headed home.



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