Farewell to my Aunt Flossie

At the age of 100 plus (her birthday was in September) my Aunt Flossie departed this earth for Heaven. 

I dearly loved my auntie. She was so very talented, an artist and pianist. She became the music department head of the school district she worked for in her long career as a school teacher. 

She was also active in her church in many capacities, including playing the piano for church services. And oh, how she could play! Even in her late 90s she played the piano for the weekly evening service. She also drove into her late 90s with the only restriction being she wasn't to drive on the freeways. 

Aunt Flossie was a wonderful seamstress and made many of her own outfits--always elegant and the height of fashion. Purple, in all of its many shades, was her favorite color--and most of her creations reflected her preference.

When she turned 100, she came to our family reunion where we celebrated her life--and what a life it was, filled with so many achievements and awards.

She loved her family and was always a joy to be around.

Now she has joined her parents, her husband and her sister and many, many others and is beginning her Heavenly life.

She'll live on in my heart and all my fond memories.

This was last year when hubby and I visited her in her home.


Billie Johnson said…
Marilyn, you always know just the right things to say...what a lovely tribute to your auntie!

Billie Johnson
Oak Tree Press
Thanks, Billie. She should have been wearing purple in this photo--but by this time I'm sure she really didn't care. Loved her so much.
M.M. Gornell said…
Here's a toast (tea)to a life well lived and a family that realized that. Lovely lady, and lovely tribute, Marilyn.
Jacqueline Vick said…
She sounds like a lovely woman. This world's loss is heaven's gain!
31months said…
What a great legacy! We all expect you to continue her tradition. We know she's smiling knowing she was loved.
Thanks everyone for your kind words. I learned a lot from my aunt. I'll never be as elegant or as thin as she was, but I do like to wear purple!

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