Mother's Day and Dark Shadows Review

I know that's a strange coupling, but we headed down to our eldest daughter's on Sunday a.m. right after we both taught our Sunday School classes.

This meant that we saw all of our living children on Mother's Day, something that hasn't happened for years.

We saw our son in the morning before we left for church and middle daughter at church. (She's the preacher's wife, after all, and seldom misses church.)

We arrived at our destination in the afternoon and learned we were all going over to youngest daughter's for a barbecue. While there we were able to visit with a grandson and granddaughter.

Our main purpose (I know, this is weird) for going down there was to see Dark Shadows, the movie, the following day. Hubby, daughter and son-in-law and the youngest daughter all went to the 11 a.m. show.

My review of Dark Shadows. Frankly, to really enjoy it, I think you needed to have watched the old TV show. All the elements were there, though there were things that were different. It is campy and weird. Johnny Depp made a wonderful Barnabas Collins. Angelique and Josette weren't as I would've cast them, but it was okay. Collinsport, the town was perfect. And I loved the Collinswood mansion.

The plot was, well, interesting. There was more sexual innuendos than ever in the old TV show--and unnecessary. The one BIG sex scene wasn't the least bit sexy and probably go the most laughs in the whole movie.

Was I disappointed? No, it was fun. And guess what? I think they're planning a sequel.

Anyone else see it? What did you think?


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