Review: Illusion by Frank Paretti

Illusion by Frank Paretti

What an unusual story. I have no idea what label to give it as it fits under several. Definitely, it is a love story, the great and profound love of Dan for his wife of forty years, Mandy. She is also his partner in their profession of performing magicians. Mandy’s death in a car accident is devastating to Dane who attempts to go on living their dream of moving to a home in Idaho.

The story could also be called a fantasy or time-travel novel, as Mandy finds herself as a teenager wandering the streets of her hometown, a hometown that is not the one she remembered. A hometown in the future. For awhile, Mandy fears she’s lost her mind and finds herself locked up in a hospital. She escapes and makes her way to the town where Dane no lives. He runs into her while she’s perfoming magic on the street, and though he has no idea who she is, there is a definite connection.

The book is full of magic, some science fiction, and a touch of Christian spirituality, and plenty of suspense and thrills.

I definitely enjoyed Illusion though it was nothing like I expected from this author.

Highly recommended, it certainly has something for everyone, no matter their taste in genre fiction.



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