Unwanted by Kristina Ohlsson, a Review

Another Swedish author presents a most compelling mystery.

When a sleeping child disappears from a train full of passengers leaving behind a distraught mother, Inspector Alex Recht and his team of investigators are given the case to locate the missing child. When the girl is found dead with the word “Unwanted” on her forehead, everything changes.

Investigative Analyst Frederika Bergman goes about things much differently than investigator Peder Rydh. As the tale unfolds, the author lets us in on the private lives of each of detectives as well as the backgrounds of the murderer’s accomplices. The reader is allowed to follow along with the investigation—the questioning of every person who might be involved or know anything about those close to the mother.

The case escalates when an infant is stolen out of its carriage and discovered dead with “Unwanted” on his forehead.

Though this is a mystery about a serial killer, it is much, much more, giving insights into each of the main characters, what influences have shaped them into who they are today and how that affects they way they investigate.

--Marilyn Meredith

This book was given me by Simon and Schuster.


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