What Worked on my Blog Tour

On the whole, my blog tour for No Bells has been successful. I won't know if it resulted in sales until my next royalty statement. I did have a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing how determined two people have been to win the prize I offered of three of the previous books in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series. It was also fun to see the varied folks who did comment on blogs.

1. Finding blogs to host me that had different followers worked. My idea was that it might introduce more people to my Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

2. Making sure that I had something different on each blog. It was helpful when the host told me what they wanted me to write.

3. Putting different photos of myself on each blog was fun too and the followers seemed to enjoy that too. (I stole the idea from Pat Browning.)

4. Making sure to let people know on Facebook, Twitter and all my listserves what I was doing each day. Not just where to go for the blog--but a clue as to what it was about.

5. Having the tour far enough after the publication of the book so I'd have copies to send to anyone who wanted to review the book for the tour and scheduling the reviews near the end.

6. Having a way to keep track of each person who commented on each blog so I'd have a good record to know who did comment on the most blogs.

7. Doing all the blogs ahead to time and sending the information to each host as soon as possible.

8. Keeping track of the blogs and what day they would appear--and the subject of the post and what photo of me I sent. (I still had a few duplicates, but that part worked well.)

9. Making sure to check each blog several times each day and for a couple of days afterwards.

10. Acknowledging each person who did leave a comment.


Kathy Bennett said…
Thanks Marilyn for post the good and that bad. I've only done one blog tour and that was with my first book.

I found it took up a lot of my time and I didn't see a jump in sales.

I hope you'll let us know if your tour resulted in sales.
Anonymous said…
As a result of your blog on Bob Knightly's site I feel I now know you and did get one of your books - as a result - and enjoyed it immensely! I tried to follow all your tour, as noted on SinC, but alas, this month I've had eye surgery in both eyes and not been able to see as much as I'd like! So, I look forward to reading more of and from you - and wish you all continued success! Thelma Straw in Manhattan MWA, SinC
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this!!!

Madison Johns said…
Congrats and thank for the tips. You're an inspiration.
Madison Johns said…
I had a few problems where my comments never showed up although I was sure I made them. Maybe I'm having a senior moment of my own.
Kathleen Kaska said…
I'm in the middle of my tour and this information helps keep me on track. Thanks, Marilyn.
Thank you so much for posting this information, Marilyn. Very helpful for those of us planning blog tours, and hosting guests as well.
To all of you who commented on this post, Kathy (I'll let you know about sales), Thelma (I'm glad you bought one of my books and hope your eyes are better quickly), Brenda, Madison (sometimes my own comments don't show up), Kathleen and Sheila.

Glad I could be of help.
Sue McGinty said…
This is pure gold, Marilyn.
marja said…
Marilyn, You were a lot more organized on this than I am, and your comments really helped put things in perspective. Thank you!
Jake said…
Thank you from a grateful reader who found this adventure a fun challenge.Jake

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