The Winners of My Blog Tour for No Bells

My blog tour was fun--and exhausting.

Every morning soon after I rose, I came to the computer to check on the blog I was supposed to be visiting that day. Sometimes when I got to the designated blog, my post wasn't up. This meant I had to contact my host and find out what was the matter. Sometimes they forgot, sometimes it was a time change thing, and once it was miscommunication. Several times the URL as I'd posted it didn't work. And a couple of times the Captcha letters were impossible to figure out.

Because I had some loyal followers determined on winning the prize I'd offered for the one who commented on the most blogs--when my post didn't appear, the worried followers often contacted me to find out what happened.

All along, I checked the blogs, kept track of the names of those who posted--and three names came up nearly every time. Before I was through I knew I had to give three prizes to these faithful and diligent followers.

Ta dum!

The winners are:

Maureen Hayes of New York

J Blinco of Nevada

Janet Kerr of Canada

The books are on their way. And I do hope they will be enjoyed.

It was quite an exciting time--and they seemed to enjoy the adventure.

Will I do it again? You betcha,with a few changes and a different prize, when I have a new book out. It'll be in the fall sometime, a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, called Raging Water.


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