Father's Day

My father has been gone for several years now--by gone, I mean he's in Heaven.

I have great memories of dad though. He was short and feisty. He only graduated from the eighth grade, but there wasn't much he couldn't do do or figure out how to do.

 Whatever he wanted, he built. Long before anyone else though of it, he built a tent trailer. The sides came out and made beds and there were all sorts of places to store our family's camping needs.

He built our first TV (the first TV in our neighborhood) from a Heath Kit. It took all night, my sister and I helped. Because we lived behind a hill, he next had to build a huge antenna on top of the house in order to get a signal. But he got it and we joyfully watched Beanie and Cecil, Wrestling and Roller Derby.

 He built three different boats and the water skis to go with them.

Probably his most ambitious undertaking was a telescope. He ground the mirrors himself, and mounted the telescope in an observatory he built on top of our house. He also had a camera attached that would automatically take pictures of planets and stars at certain times during the night.

He was a weightlifter and won awards. He put on weightlifting shows for the USO.

He was the master plumber for Paramount Studios and long after he retired he'd be called to pinpoint where a leak might be coming from.

Oh, and how he loved his grandkids.

But, what I remember most about his as a dad was he thought I could do anything.--and whatever it was I was the best at it.

He was a great dad--no, he wasn't perfect, but he provided my mom, my sister and me with a great life.

Love you, Dad.



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