Feeling a Bit Overwhelmed

I faithfully do my blog--trying to have something new every day, or at least every other day.

I post on Face Book--I enjoy that and I love seeing what friends and family are doing. Yes, I do promote my books too, because isn't that part of what I'm doing? I write books and I want people to know about them.

I Tweet--though not as much as I should. I follow everyone who follows me.

I'm on numerous listserves and post on most of them.

I belong to Linked-In, but though I follow anyone who follows me, I'm not good about posting or joining in on discussions. (Folks, there are only so many hours in a day.)

I faithfully answer email.

Now, there's Pinterest. Yes, I have a couple of boards, but I keep forgetting how to Pin. And tell me, how much of this stuff can people look at? Doesn't anyone have to make a living? Socialize in person? Write a book?

How do you feel about all this stuff?



Melody said…
Hi Marilyn, I know what you mean. I have such mixed feelings as I work on a computer all day and when I get off work, the LAST thing I want to do is do MORE computer work, as much as I love writing and "socializing" online...so there's gotta be a balance someplace...something's gotta give! I am on Facebook but don't do much on Twitter, or any of the other ones...I figure ONE social media place is enough for me! then recently I've noticed people "messaging" me on google! it's like, wow! people find you no matter where you are! right now I have made a decision to start blogging again...I haven't in a while...and to somehow "balance" it all out...!! hey you've done well cuz you've written several books! rock on Marilyn!
You gotta do what you gotta do. As I writer I do love to write--blogging is fun for me. Some of this other stuff, not so much. And I'm not sure that any of it translates into selling books.

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