A Funny Thing Happened

No, not on the way to the forum--it was on the way home from Aunt Flossie's memorial service. We stopped for a bit to eat. When I was paying the bill I noticed the cashier's name tag said Mitchell. She was probably in her late twenties or early thirties, pretty, an ethnic mix I couldn't identify.

I said, "I was a Mitchell too until I married."

She said, "Do you come from white people?"

Thinking that was a strange question, I answer simply, "Yes."

She said, "I come from black people. Look at my nose."

She had a cute, up turned nose, very much like mine--though mine is no longer cute.

I said, "Your nose is just like mine, we must be related."

She laughed and then asked, "How old are you?"

I told her.

She nicely said, "You don't look it, how do you feel?"

I pointed to my head, "In here, very young. My body, not so much."

It was an interesting encounter.


Well, I was a Meredith before I married but I guess that doesn't mean we're related! Fun post!

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