Grrrr! Computers

Once again I've had a computer problem and it all began when I tried to write a blog post like this.

I decided to shut down the computer and start over. When I turned it back on everything had changed. My programs were missing: No Word, no e-mail program, etc.

I tried to download from Mozy and though I did download stuff I couldn't find it the normal way as the program icons weren't there.

I did a Restore and that didn't work.

Finally I called a local computer guy. He worked on the computer for a couple of hours, $60 worth, and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Left me with instructions about things I could do. I gave up and watched a movie on Netflix and climbed into bed right after.

I got up early this a.m. to see what was happening and if I could find programs I'd been working on.

The computer was in resting mode and dark. With a heavy heart I wiggled the mouse. It opened to my name as it always did, I clicked on it and I couldn't believe my eyes!

Everything was back like it had been before!

I lost one thing, a large piece I worked on yesterday morning before everything went nuts. So far everything else seems to be where it's supposed to be.

Believe me I prayed over my computer and all I can say is God answered my prayer.




I think I discovered the problem. Somehow I was not entering Windows through the right entry point. There are three, the right one for me is Marilyn. Who knows though--during the night Microsoft updated everything too. Maybe something like that happened yesterday and fixed it. Who knows? Anyway, it's working.

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