Recognizing My Limits

Believe me, this is something very hard for me to do.

Filling my schedule to the fullest is something I've always done as anyone who knows me or has been reading my blog knows.

I love writing, I've been writing two books a year now for a long time. These days, writing the books is not enough--you have to promote too. In the olden days, it meant sending out postcards or flyers, having bookstore signings, and going to book and craft festivals and fairs. Then it became necessary to have a webpage and email.

We still have to do all those things, but Facebook and other social networks have been added, and of course blogs. I like to have something new nearly every day, but I may cut back soon to once or twice a week, there just isn't enough time in the day for everything.

And I have to confess, I'm getting older and it's more difficult to pack everything into a day. My evening, I'm through and have to rest my brain.

I was recently asked to do a ghost writing project, and believe me, I was tempted. It's a far more lucrative endeavor than most of what I do. However, the topic was something far beyond my experience and I decided someone more qualified should do it. Believe me, it's hard turning down that kind of money. I've done other ghost writing projects in the past and I know how hard it is to take on another's voice and come up with a product the person you are writing for is happy with.

So, I'm proud to say that this time I did recognize my limits.

How about you? Do you have limits?



I wish I did :(

Until now, I did not even recognize that my day has 24hours like everyone else's.

I work 140 hours a month, I am in a critique group where I need to critique one manuscript a week, I blog, I try to maintain some social life, I read a lot and write a book.

And something in me bends, but luckily didn't break yet.

I think it's time to look for the limit's and start to respect them.

But how to choose what to cut?
Choosing what not to do isn't easy, Sorrento. I just realized I couldn't keep up. Good luck.

Anne R. Allen said…
Great decision. Do read my blog this week on the SLOW BLOGGING MANIFESTO. No producing novelist has time to blog more than once a week, and more important, readers don't have time to read 100s of blogs more than once a week. Give yourself (and your readers) a break.
WS Gager said…
Recognizing our limitations is horrible. Good for you Marilyn for doing it. I haven't learn it yet and get frustrated when something has to give. Still fighting the urge!
W.S. Gager on Writing
Hey Anne, I love blogging, but what I am doing now is leaving a guest blog up longer. I actually do manage to write two books a year, but it is getting harder.
And Wendy, you're still young, you can probably manage more than I can right now.
Lorna Collins - said…
And here I thought you were superhuman! I can only manage one blog a week. And I take longer than I used to finishing books. i have a deadline of September 1 for a novella, and I'm almost done. But I started this one a year ago.
You are amazing, my friend!
Holli said…
I like to think I realize my limits, especially after being nearly crippled by the drunk driver right when my writing career began, but honestly, I still always take on more than I can realistically handle.

I have cases assigned to me by the State that I file briefs on for my criminal defendants, I am working on the third book in my series, I have a 10-year-old and a 13-year-old who attend magnet schools where bus transportation isn't provided, I have a bunch of pets, including a deaf cat, and a husband who has crazy hours as a part-time actor, deputy constable, contractor, and football referee. Yet I took on being the president of my youngest daughter's parent/teacher organization last year because I thought I could do it all.

I found I couldn't, especially when my book sales dropped because I couldn't squeeze in as much promotion as I would have liked. Luckily, a new president was elected in May and I have time now to try to catch up and finish the third book.

Gloria Getman said…
Good for you, Marilyn. Quality is better than quanity.
The other day I was looking for some information in my journal from some years back. As I read, I thought, "How did I do all that?" I'm more realistic now.
Holli, when you have kids, you're time is not your own. It's a miracle you can do what you do.

Lorna, ha ha, I'm far from superhuman.

And Gloria, it's amazing how we slow down when we get older.

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