Review: A Fair

A Fair to Die For by Radine Trees Nehring

Before I began, I knew I would thoroughly love this book. I know Radine, having met her at mystery conferences, and I’ve spent many enjoyable hours with her talking about writing, reading and just stuff. Before I even read the first page, I knew A Fair to Die For would be like visiting with an old friend.

Though the heroine, Carrie McCrite is not patterned after the author, she has enough of the same personality and charm to make me feel like I’m spending time with my friend. Fortunately, I don’t think Radine has ever had to solve a mystery or found herself in harm’s way like Carrie often does. You can be sure when reading any of the books in the To Die For series, that Carrie and her husband, Henry, will be tangled up in a puzzle. In A Fair to Die For the pieces of the puzzle are an unlikely mish mash of a craft fair, the historic War Eagle Mill, handmade toys, drugs, a cousin with a secret, lots of good food, and a passel of bad guys and gals. 

As what often happens with Carrie, her curiosity and penchant for trying to figure out mysteries, puts her life in danger. 

If you like a good mystery with plenty of action, a cast of characters that includes a group of folks much like your own friends and neighbors as well as a bunch of crooks--and it may take you a while to figure out who is who--and some surprising twists, A Fair to Die For will give you several enjoyable hours.


(Radine lives in Arkansas and I live in California--and I wish we lived closer.)


Hmm...we will have to figure out how to visit face-to-face again one of these days. Maybe Nevada would agree to change places with Arkansas? Or California with Texas? Nah -- approving a move like that would only get hung up in Congress.

Thanks for writing about A FAIR TO DIE FOR. (Now, I'll try to translate that dang captcha!)

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