Review of City of the Dead

City of the Dead, by Daniel Blake

The book begins with a tsunami where Franco Patrese escapes with his life, but his girlfriend doesn't.

The story jumps to a murder in New Orleans and Marie Laveau, so-called Queen of the Underworld and voodoo authority where Patrese is now an FBI agent. He is caught up in the investigation of unusual and gory murders involving the amputation of a leg and an axe in the middle of the forehead.

Many threads are woven through this sometimes wild and adventurous thriller--threads that at times become what seem to be hopelessly tangled. Much is revealed about New Orleans politics and the mysticism of the city itself as the story moves along at a breath-taking pace.

The climax and solution to the mysteries coincides with Hurricane Katrina with conclusions that have a strong element of truth.

Highly recommended to those who like excitement on nearly every page and don't mind a bit of gore.


This books was sent to me by Simon and Schuster.


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