Billie Johnson and me concentrating. I took lots of notes. In the background you can see
Lynn Bettinger, Hap and Nancy busy selling books.

I couldn't find a photo of the panel on Cop Talk so I thought I'd show you what many of us
 were busy doing during the conference. But here are my notes:

Tim Dees headed up this panel and the main point was that authors should get the jargon and 
slang that law enforcement use--with the warning that these words are not the same across the 

Mike Black, who worked in Chicago as a police officer, said never call an offender a perp. 
He would be a suspect or perhaps "a-- h---."

John Bray (retired cop) used these phrases: "being in the coop" meant sleeping on the job, 
"shoefly" being someone from Internal Affairs..

Pete Klismet (FBI)  said that FBI has more than their share of acronyms and gave a long list.

Kathy Bennett (20 years with LAPD)  said in L.A. the black and white was called a shop car.
FFBI, eyeballing someone, RMP, Radio Motor Parol; SIV Special Investigation Unit, Puzzle 
FBI Headquarters, SAC Special Agent in Charge and she had many more. 

They all talked about the Blue Flamer--someone who moved up through the ranks quickly 
without spending much time on patrol.

Other things that I don't really know who to attribute them to were:

Truly Evil Man (might be the captain)

I think Tim Dees (was with the Reno PD) talked about making up names for people such as: 
Dancing with Truth, Believes His Own Publicity, Has His Felony Shoes On, Mr. T. Starter 
Kit, In the Pocket (on call).

This was a fun panel and the lesson learned here is to find out the jargon used by the law 
enforcement in the area you are writing about.


(Tim Dees took all the photos I'm displaying in this series about the PSWA Conference.) 

And another P.S., I don't take shorthand. 


M.M. Gornell said…
Yes, it was a fun and informative panel, and can't wait to use some "jargon" in my writing.
Be sure and check with the cops you are writing about for their version of jargon. Loved the panel.
Bob Doerr said…
Enjoyed this panel, but then I thought they were all good!
Thanks, Bob. I thought everything worked out well too.

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