Criminal Profiling

Pete Klismet, former FBI, was our keynote speaker for the PSWA Conference.

His first statement, "We live in a violent country."

Offender profiling is considered the "Third Wave' of investigative science.

Criminal Profiling is:

Applying Research
Years of Experience
Specific Training
Common Sense
Identifying Behavioral Clues
The Reason Why a Person Committed a Particular Crime

Criminal Profiling is not:

Psychic Insight
Mystic Knowledge
Crystal Ball Thinking

Steps in a Typical Homicide Investigation:

Who, What, When, Where, How, Why = Who

Some Behavioral Clues:

Overkill (Personal or Anger Issues, Specific to person or general anger.)
Covering up body (Guilt)
Leaving body to be found (wants body to be found and have a good Christian burial)
Covering person's face before killing them
 Postmortem Mutilation
Messy Crime Scene (Out of Control, Not Planned, Younger person)

He offered many steps the profiler takes as he figures out who the person might be, including links between victims, and why the offender chose the victims.

This was a fascinating presentation.

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