Doing First Edits on Raging Water

As usual, I love the cover for the upcoming Tempe Crabtree mystery.

The first edits arrived while I was in Morro Bay. (It always seems to happen that way. Whenever I'm away from home something arrives via email that I need to take care of.

Monday morning I went over the suggestions and most I found okay. This particular editor liked sommas more than I do--but I left what she did in most cases. The ones I didn't all had to do with the word "but". The leader of our critique group is a retired Honors English teacher and I tend to go along with her rules about punctuation. If what follows the word but is a complete sentence, insert a comma in front of but--if not, no comma.

Despite the fact, my critique group has heard and seen every word in this manuscript, they didn't catch some of the repeated words--the editor did. She also pointed out some sentences with awkward structures which I changed.

I've sent the edited copy back, now we'll see what happens next. If the editor has no argument with what I accepted and rejected, the next step will be a proof copy.

I haven't yet planned a book launch, I always like to make sure I'll have books in time. I'm hoping to do something special for this one for an unusual reason. I'll talk about that on Friday.



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