Fourth of July! Celebrate!

Many of you probably have big plans to celebrate this Fourth of July--picnics, trips to the mountains or beach, big barbecue in the backyard, or a family get-together in the park.

We've done all those things. Back when we lived in Oxnard, it was possible to see the fireworks show from Hueneme Beach from the roof of our patio. Or I should say, hubby and the kids could--I learned I had a big fear of heights and couldn't bring myself to climb all the way up the ladder and get on the roof.

Back when we had our care home, we took our ladies to Porterville and found a good parking spot where we could see the fireworks from the football field. We tried paying the admittance fee and going in to sit on the bleachers, but the gals couldn't climb the bleachers and they didn't like being close to the loud noise. Watching from our big fan worked much better.

Where we live in the mountains, shooting fireworks is against the law because of the fire danger. I sometimes watch the fireworks on TV, but honestly, I'm not all that thrilled by it all anymore.

What I do remember is what the Fourth of July is all about--Independence Day. Many sacrifices were made so the USA could be free. Many more lives have been given to keep the USA free--and we should never forget that.

Happy Fourth of July!

And how will we celebrate? Son has promised to barbecue ribs and we have some fresh corn from a local farm, and I'll make potato salad. That's good enough for me.

How are you going to celebrate?


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