Getting ready for the Public Safety Writers Association's conference. This one takes a bit more planning than other conferences mainly because I'm the program chairperson. As such the biggest part of my work is done though.

What I'm taking with me:

Clothes for the two days at my sister's house and the four days at the conference. (For me that always includes what jewelry I'm going to wear as well as the shoes.)

The prizes I'm contributing to the raffle table.

My copy of the program and the list of registered attendees.

Some "Ask Me About my Book" pins leftover from another conference for anyone who wants one.

A notebook to take notes during the conference.

Copies of my latest books and stands to set them on.

Business cards to hand out.

My little computer which I will use when I'm not at the conference.

My Kindle if I have any time to read.

My cell phone.

All the cords to the above so I can keep them charged.

The notebook where I am keeping track of timelines, characters, and what happens next for my next book that I'm writing.

That might be it.

One of the big pluses of this conference--and there are many--is I get to spend two days and nights with my sister who lives in Las Vegas.


And I'm busy going over the galley proof for the next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Raging Water.

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