Happy Birthday to Daughter, Lisa!

I don't have any trouble remembering my 2nd child's birthday because it is the day before the Fourth of July.

I'm not going to say how many years ago this was, but it was back when the Port Hueneme Sea Bee Base did not have a hospital, only what was called a dispensary.

Over the years, Lisa grew into a beautiful young woman and married her high-school sweetheart. It wasn't long before we knew we'd have another grandchild. (Daughter, Dana gave us our first.)

Because Lisa's husband was away in the Army, I got to be her birth coach--though I admit I really didn't go to many of the classes. When the time came, I drove her to the base. And believe me, nothing had changed much since I gave birth to her 18 years before in the same facility. I don't think a single wall had been painted and the labor and delivery rooms looked much like it did back when I was there. I liked to kid and say the same dust bunnies were on the floor.

Lisa wasn't in the labor room long before she was ready for delivery though the nurse didn't believe me when I went after her. I was right. The transfer from the labor room to delivery was quick. Though I had given birth to five children by this time, I had never really watched any of the births. (It's hard to do when you're busy.)

I must tell you watching this grandchild of mine coming into the world was miraculous! I loved every minute of it--and at Lisa's instructions, even took photos.

This granddaughter, Melissa, is a joy and has been from the beginning. She's now the mother of three, two boys and a girl, all teenagers now.

Lisa had another daughter--her husband was home for this birth--though I was on hand in the hospital where she was born. Merenda is the mother of one adorable daughter and a boy that is supposed to arrive at any time.

Happy Birthday, Lisa! Have a super special day! If she's not called to go be with Merenda for the upcoming birth, we'll celebrate with her tonight.

Love, Mom


Ruth Cox said…
Happy Birthday to your daughter Lisa and Congratulations on the upcoming birth of Merenda's baby!
Thanks, Ruth. We had a great time at Lisa's celebrating!
And then I had to share the attention! That's OK, God picked out a great sister for me.

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