PSWA Conference in Retrospect

Over the next few days I'll be giving a few tidbits about what we all heard at the Public Safety Writers Association's conference.

Our first presentation was by Editor (and president of PSWA), Marilyn Olsen and Billie Johnson of Oak Tree Press about publishing and your options.

Both agreed that you should provide as many details as possible about what you'll do to sell your book.

You should match your goals to your expectations.

With the big publishing houses, there is top down distribution that won't happen with a small press.

Big presses will submit books for review in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal--and the review will happen. Small presses must work to get reviews.

The author must be tremendously involed in the marketing.

If you're self-pubbed, you do all the work. Those who do it successfully must be admired  Self-published books must look like they were done by a publishing company.

Billie Johnson told about all the the things that must be on the back of the book like bar codes and ISBN numbers, etc.

There was much, much more, wish you could have been there.

And one big plus, Oak Tree Press sent two copies of Final Respect and Bad Tidings to the conference. These are the very first books in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

In Final Respects you'll learn a lot about Doug Milligan and Ryan Strickland. The cover is a bit different looking in that it looks like it's nighttime rather than day time. Bad Tidings no longer has the wrong logo at the top of the page. To see the corrected covers, go to Amazon.

I'll write more about these books later on.

Tomorrow, I'll report on Cop Talk, a most interesting panel.



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