PSWA Other Panels and More Photos

Crooks are Stupid was another really fun panel with Michael Angley as the moderator. Bob Haig, Pete Klismet, Mark Bouton, Jack Miller and Mike Black has us all in stitches. I laughed too hard to take notes.

I was on Cozying Up to Your Favorite Cop, so didn't take notes. Mysti Berry moderated and the other panelists were Honora Finkelstein, Susan Smily, Madeline Gornell and Morgan St. James. We shared how we write about the law enforcement characters in our books.

Putting Science in Fiction was fascinating with Susan Smily moderating. Janet Gregor, Bob Doerr, Sue Vondrak and Steve Scarborough shared their expertise and how they put what they knew into their fiction.

Honora moderated the panel on Self-Editing as Mike Black, Barbara Hodges, Madeline Gornell and I told about all the things we look for when self-editing.

The last panel was on Writing Short Stories. Mysti Berry moderated, and the panelists were Kathy Cottrell, John Wills, Barbara Hodges, Mike Black, Joe Haggerty and Morgan St. James. One main point that came out was the story should be believable and entertaining.

Here are more photos:

Science in Fiction Panel
Registration, me and Nancy Farrar

Marilyn Olsen, other wise know as The Queen (PSWA President)
Michelle Perin handing out the prizes for writing--John Wills receiving one of his many.

 That's all folks! It was a great conference and I loved every minute of it. Wonderful people and I learned a lot.



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