PSWA/FBI/Fact and Fiction

John Wills and Herm Groman, both retired FBI, sometimes partners and good friends.

Much of this talk was explaining the multitude of acronyms used by the FBI and believe it or not, it was funny..

There are many different parts of the FBI, with Section Chiefs, and Unit Chiefs. There's a Directorate of Intelligence and a National Security ?Board.

The DEA is more para-military.

The FBI has no jurisdiction in foreign countries.

They do have hostage rescue teams and body guard at times.

There are FLT Teams who do quick response to foreign incidents.

If you ever get the opportunity to hear these two, you won't be sorry.

More shots of the audience.

This was a great conference and we learned lots.



Sue McGinty said…
Wow, you're getting quite a lot of FBI atttendees. Wish I could have been there.

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