PSWA/Fight Scenes in Writing

We had a terrific panel on writing fight scenes. John Schembra moderated and the panelists were Michael Black, Bob Doer and Mark Bouton.

One big things they all agreed on was when shooting even when 5 to 7 yards apart, they don't always hit each other.

In physical altercations, the places to hit are the eyes, nose, trachea, groin, side of knee, top of foot.

When writing about weapons, you need to know the correct phrases in martial arts, different handguns and know what they do, how many bullets the gun holds. Remember, there is no safety catch on a revolver.

They all agreed that when someone is shot they don't fly backwards like you see on TV and movies--they drop to ghe ground.

Adrenalin can give you incredible strength.

Taser doesn't make you unconscious.

Don't use too much force for the situation.

No particular round can do a certain things.

Handguns can't stop a care or blow out a tire. The tire will leak air but still be driveable.

One shot of the fascinated audience.

And another.



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