Registration Day for PSWA

If all goes as planned, we'll head over to the Orleans Hotel after lunch today. We'll register, head for our room and get settled.

A few minutes before 3 we'll head up to the conference room lobby with the registration list and hopefully find a table set up with several chairs behind it. Those I know will be there right away are Keith Bettinger, the site coordinator, Marilyn Olsen, PSWA's president, and probably Mike Black who has been my back-up in case of an emergency.

This part is one of the most fun. Those who are there helping with registration get to see everyone first. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people. We have a great and interesting bunch coming this year.

Along about 6 p.m., the evening get-together will begin. More people will trickle in and there'll be lots of chit chatting. I'll report more after it is over--and hopefully I'll remember to take some photos.


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