Review of Blind Goddess

Blind Goddess by Anne Holt

Anne Holt is a Norwegian author of crime fiction. I’d never read her before despite the fact that her first book, 1222, was an Edgar Award nominee.

The story begins with the discovery of mutilated body in Oslo, the capital of Norway, by Karen Borg, a lawyer, as she was out jogging. Hanne Wilhelmsen, a detective inspector and her partner deduce that this murder and that of a less than reputable lawyer are probably connected.

Drugs seem to be the main motivation, but maybe not in the startling way the plot unfolds. Far more people become involved who seem to have pieces of what is a most complicated puzzle. Everyone who knows something, including the top players in the government seem to be hiding something. The closer the investigators get to finding out the truth, the more dangerous it becomes for all those involved.

For those who love a mystery with many surprises along the way, plenty of action, and insights into the characters’ private lives and motives, Blind Goddess is most satisfying.


(Simon and Schuster sent me this book with no expectations as to whether or not I'd write a review.)


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