Something Special About Raging River

One of the biggest fans of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series is Sheri Smith. Sheri and I are good friends though we don't travel in the same social circles. (Frankly, I don't travel in any social circle, I mostly stay home behind my computer.)

Sheri and I have done some interesting things together though. We're both fans of the soap opera General Hospital and we've been known to chat on the phone about the often stupid things that happen on the show. What's unusual about that is I'm not much of a phone chatter--in fact, I usually only do that with family.

Hubby and I take Sheri to movies with us that her other friends don't want to see like all the Harry Potter films, the Twilight series (we have another coming soon) and others

We both like sushi and we went to our local Japanese restaurant and ordered a huge platter of all their sushi offerings. We ate enough sushi to last forever.

Sheri loves holidays--all of them--and decorates her house for each one. In fact I've never seen so many decorations in my life--especially at Christmas time. She even decorates her mailbox for each holiday.

She kept asking me to make her a character in a Tempe Crabtree book. I did just that in Raging Water.
Sheri became Miqui in the book a rather major character. No, the character is not exactly like Sheri, but I borrowed enough of her essence that those who know her may recognize her. The similarities are many, but the story is fiction so I hope people realize Miqui is not really Sheri. Her two dogs are in the book though I didn't include the cats. Her home is there but I moved it to a different location because of the plot. (I'm the author, I can do what I want.)

When the book comes out in a few months, I hope Sheri is happy with what I did with her.

Now to figure out a new way to launch this book. Would love to do something spectacular in Springville.



Jake said…
Great way to memorialize your special friendship. Looking forward to latest.
Monti said…
That's nice, Marilyn. Hope she loves being a part of your book.
I'm anxious to see what she will think, Jake and Monti.

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