Taking Off for Las Vegas

It is no easy task to head off for a trip as far as Las Vegas. Because we want to spend as much time as possible with my sis and her hubby, who now live in Vegas, we want to leave early. You have no idea how hard that is--not for me, but for my husband. He takes far longer to get dressed than I ever have in my whole life.

Then there are the cats and the dog to feed. We always have someone come in to do this while we're gone and though hubby has elaborate instructions on how this should be done, I doubt anyone does more than feed and water them twice a day.

We have two inside cats--but many more outside feral cats. Where they all come from, I'm not sure. We've attempted catching and getting some neutered, but as soon as this is accomplished, they disappear.

But, as they say, I digress. We leave muscular son and his many dogs home to hold down the fort. He and they do a fine job.

Our pattern is to drive as far as Bakersfield for our first stop and to pick up two iced vanilla coffees. We might even have breakfast there. We enjoy the drive over the Tehachapi mountains, not so much the long, long drive through the desert. We might stop for lunch in Barstow, or the outskirts, depending upon how well we're doing.

And then it's the long, long drive into Vegas. Fortunately, we can now take that wonderful loop that takes us away from the strip and up to the base of the mountains (traffic is scary but not nearly as bad as it is on the strip). Once we can see Lone Mountain, we know we're nearing my sister's house.

Oh, and how wonderful it is to see my sis and hubby. The last time was in September at our Mitchell Family reunion. I suspect we'll also have a visit from my niece, Dee, and her two kids.

You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this. My sis was a neighbor for a long time and we saw one another a lot. I miss having her so close.


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