They Ain't All Named Bundy, Dahmer or Gacey

No, this wasn't about serial killer, but about another most horrible kind of serial criminals, molesters.

Kathy Cotrell, a forensic nurse and now the publisher at Wild Rose Press gave this quite unsettling but timely presentation given what just unfolded about Jerry Sandusky and Penn State.

Her first statement was how she tried to incorporate what's going on in the world today without grossing us out.

She mentioned a gynecologist that was also a sexual predator.

She talked about Frank Shorter who ran to school to avoid his father's beatings. He couldn't tell anyone because his father was an important man in the town and no one would believe Frank.

Another big thing she pointed out is that a sexual offender grooms his victims. When some try to tell no one believes them. Or they don't report because they feel they will be blamed.

In one Jewish community, when a victim did tell what a rabbi had done to him, the whole family was banished.

In western New York, two twenty-year old sisters were arrested for using 14 year-olds for prostitutes.

An invisible war is going on. She mentioned assaults and rapes in the military. A volunteer in a hospital who raped patients. Massage therapists who put up with important clients who are groupers because of the big tips. Abuse of power by a police chief and cover-ups that followed. More and more teachers are being found out as molesters.

Kathy did a great job with a tough subject.



M.M. Gornell said…
Kathy's talk made me think a lot about true "evil."
LD Masterson said…
A very uncomfortable subject but certainly one that needs to be dragged into the light.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for using this topic. This is a forbidden social subject that is far more prevalent in our social systems than the press lets on! As a former teacher, counselor and camp counselor I could tell horrific tales... but I keep this to my crime novels... which is what lots of writers do. Thelma Straw in Manhattan
Yes, Madeline, it's hard to believe people do these horrible things to innocent people.

Yes, LD, e need to know what's going on.

Hi, Thelma, I've seen some of this too.

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