Deranged by Lonni Lees, a review

I had the good fortune to meet Lonni Lees at this past PSWA conference. When I saw she'd written Deranged, described as a novel of horror, I was curious and bought it.

This is a tale of true horror with an intriguing twist--one I don't dare giveaway.

Charlie Blackhawk is a sick, unbalanced serial killer created by his horrific childhood. The reader is allowed into Charlie's psyche as many of the chapters are from his point-of-view.

The story is also about Amy a disturbed twelve-year-old who has frightening dreams and visions that seem all to real.

Sabrina, also twelve, attracts the attention of Charlie Blackhawk who fantasizes about her and begins to stalk her.

A sometimes brutal tale, author Lees has managed to create a multi-layered story that comes together in a most surprising and satisfying ending.

Recommend to those who aren't put off by explicit violence.  Frankly, I couldn't put it down once I got started.



Michelle Perin said…
I'm so glad to see you reviewed Deranged. I LOVED this book. I also couldn't put it down. A must read!!

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