Final Respects, First in the RBPD Crime Series

 The Rocky Bluff P.D. series has been with three publishers. Oak Tree Press has republished the first four. Unfortunately all the review that had been written have disappeared. Final Respects is now only $2.99 on Kindle. If you should decide to read it, please write a review.

Some tidbits about Final Respects:

This was written as a one and only. After I was through, I'd grown to know the characters so much, I wanted to find out what happened to them next.

This was written long before reader's fell in love with vampires--the vampire in here is not one you'll like at all.

The idea of girls playing in a mortuary came from the fact that my daughter's best friend's father owned a mortuary. The family lived next door and when my daughter went there to spend the night, they often played hide'n seek in the mortuary. And yes, even among the coffins with the dead bodies.

Final Respects was written before a lot of the forensics that are in use today--and also before the wide-spread use of cellphones.

This book introduces Officer Doug Milligan, Ryan Strickland and many of the on-going characters.

And a warning: it's just a shade darker than later books in the series.

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Final Respects Blurb: Mortician Stuart Honich dreams about sinking his teeth into the flesh of his tormentors--his boss's daughters. Being a cop was something Doug Milligan wanted since childhood, but his wife hates his profession and Doug will soon have to make a difficult choice. Publicity hound, Rick Strickland, will do anything to further his career, and is having a secret affair with Liz Phelan, a divorcee with a drinking problem. The murder of the Milligans' babysitter begins a series of events that could lead to the destruction of the entire Rocky Bluff Police department as well as many innocent citizens.

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Kathleen Kaska said…
Glad the series was picked up by Oak Tree. Sounds like you're ahead of your time with your vampire-mystery.
Thanks, Kathleen. I was pretty darn happy about it too. The villain isn't exactly a vampire--but he acts like one.

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