Happy Birthday, Firstborn!

 This is our firstborn's birthday. I won't tell you how old she is only that this is a milestone birthday.

She is our only child not born in California as I lived in Cambridge, Maryland at the time and hubby was stationed in Norfolk, VA. His father and step-mother took me to the hospital. After Dana was born, I was put into a ward with at least 6 other beds. Hubby finally arrived the next day.

My folks and little sister drove all the way from Los Angeles in a '41 Chevrolet coupe to see their first grandchild.

Dana with Patrick's daughters, Emily and Olivia
Me and Dana
Dana and her husband, Mike
Son-in-law, Mark, daughter, Genie, kids, Peyton and Garrett.
Dana's first child, Patrick, and his wife, Lucy.
Patrick and his son, Ethan. 
Dana has always been a joy to us. As the first born, she was a second mother to our other children.

She helped me so much when hubby was gone overseas. She never caused me any trouble at all.

One of my fondest memories is helping her prepare for her wedding to Mike. We had very little money in those days and we did everything ourselves. Nothing like the brides do today--but the wedding turned out beautiful.

As adults, we always have a great time when we get together.

Love you, daughter, and hope you have a most wonderful day.



Anonymous said…
A wonderful daughter, enjoyed learning a few things about her too. Happy Birthday to Dana!
Aw, thanks, Mom. We have made a lot of memories together and you taught me a lot. Love you lots!

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