No. 2 in the RBPD series, Bad Tidings

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Bad Tidings Blurb:

Lt. Tom Gilbreath, who is called “the old hound dog” behind his back, is the one who often delivers bad news. He is soon to receive some of this own. His wife, Marlene, often knows as much about what is going on with the Rock Bluff P.D. as her husband, and she knows even more about the other officers’ private lives. Officer Joe Guzzo has perfect wife and a wandering eye. A knock-out, Officer Georgia Lindquist captures the interest of all the single guys in the department and the notice of the married ones. Two murders bring chaos to the beach community of Rocky Bluff and keep Lt. Gilbreath busy as he faces a crisis of his own.

In Bad Tidings I love the relationship between Lt. Tom Gilbreath and his wife, Marlene, so much better than the one between Officer Guzzo and his perfect wife. In this book, two murders bring chaos to the small beach community of Rocky Bluff and keep Lt. Gilbreath busy.

The title, Bad Tidings, refers to bad news Lt. Gilbreath often has to deliver--and the fact that he receives some bad news himself.

There are characters in this RBPD mystery that readers of other offerings in the series will recognize.

Amazon Review:

Bad Tidings by F.M. Meredith gives a realistic look about the lives of policemen, not only of views on their harsh jobs, but on a personal part as well. The everyday practical issues are dealt and expressed between the pages of this thrilling book, one that does not only contain actions during work, but in the private lives of officers as well. It is a wonderful, cleverly crafted novel that depicts the entire spectrum of human nature and characteristics--love, loyalty, sorrow, dishonesty, doubt, and inward feeling of self-fulfillment--all in one book, with a happy ending. Anyone who likes books with police as the main characters will enjoy this book. If you're looking for a book that centers around crimes, such as a murder mystery, this won't be exactly what you're looking for. This book deals more with the main characters themselves in their personal lives (personal conflicts with oneself or with others) rather than the crimes they investigate.

Shirley Cheng--Author of The Revelation of a Star's Endless Shine: A Young Woman's Autobiography of a 20-Year Tale of Trials & Tribulations

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