The Last Temptation by Gerrie Ferris Finger, a review

The heroine, Moriah Dru, who is called Dru throughout the book, is called upon to find Eileen Cameron and her daughter, Linley Whitney, who have vanished from their home in Palm Springs. 

The investigation take Dru from her home in Atlanta to the places the mother and daughter were last seen in and around Palm Springs. Immediately, Dru realizes nothing and no one is quite what it or they claim to be from Dartagnan LeRoi, a police officer, hairdresser, the husband, a French chef and an Indian Princess.

Dru’s life is threatened by a snake bite, monsoon and a flash flood and she seems no closer to solving the mystery. She returns to Atlanta to find out more from the girl’s father, only to find out no one here is quite what they seem or appear to be. All the turmoil takes a toll on her romance with her love, Lieutenant Lake. Lake disappears and Dru puts everything on hold when she determines to find him.

When the truth about everyone and everything start to come out, Dru and Lake face imminent death.
The author has created a page turning mystery full of unusual characters and the kind of complex plot with so many surprises you can’t stop reading until you’re done.

Breathtaking at times, surprising at others, The Last Temptation is a compelling mystery throughout.


An ARC of this book was sent to me by P.J.Nunn Promotions.


Marilyn thank you for the wonderful review. So happy you enjoyed it.

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