And More Baby Trauma

On Monday, great-gandbaby #11, at least that's where I think he is in the line-up had an operation. One year and one month is far too young to have an operation. Julius belongs to grandson Nick and his fiancee, Crystal. Not long after Julius was born, a bump formed on his forehead.

He was taken to the doctor several times and the bump pointed out. Parents were told that he'd grow out of it, instead it continued to grow.

Finally, his parents took him to Children's Hospital in Madera and a date was set for the operation.

He's a happy kid.

Here he is with his big sis, and  you can see the bump.

Julius in the hospital.

After the operation.

Daddy Nick with Julius
We had lots of people praying for this kid and the operation, it went well. so thank you everyone and Praise God!



LD Masterson said…
So glad he's going to be okay.
Thanks, Linda. He seems to be recovering well. One thing about a big family, something is always going on--good and bad.
Dani said…
Just checking in! Hooray for Julius. And no Captcha. ;)
Anonymous said…
Hello, glad he is better!
He's such a fun little boy, tough too. Glad this over.

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