Last Day for Free Copy of No Bells on Kindle!

 Today is the last day to get No Bells free on Kindle. Remember to look for it under the name No Bells by F. M. Meredith. Try it--bet you'll like it.

How about a 21-bell-salute for NO BELLS by F.M Meredith? This latest addition to the Rocky Bluff Police Department saga welcomed me back into the lives of people who have seemed like fascinating friends since I met them in the first Rocky Bluff PD story. Truth be told,I cared about these officers and their families from the beginning. Finding them tangled in knotty problems similar to those real police officers may face on a daily basis gives me the feeling I’m privy to secrets the public in general is never aware of. I’m a fly on the wall; a hidden witness to secrets previously unknown; an invisible sprite watching crime happen. And then I am the invisible ride-along as RBPD officers work their way toward the “Who/Why/How solutions.Ah,what a gift to a reader!

NO BELLS is an especially moving addition to this saga, because Officer Gordon Butler leads the story. Gordon is not a slick, macho,hard-driving cop. He’s vulnerable, sometimes bumbling, (though still a good, try-hard officer). He’s often the victim of teasing and jokes from fellow officers. At times it seems like the poor guy just can’t catch a break. And, as you may well have heard along the grapevine, this time–just when it seems he’s finally found the love of his life–she becomes a prime suspect in a murder case.
Can you guess how he reacts? Of course!  Ignoring – - – - and high water, danger,and and warnings from senior officers, Gordon leaps on his white horse (literary license here),and rides out to solve the crime and clear the name of his lady love. WOW. Grab your steed and come along for the ride!  -- Radine Trees Nehring


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