No Evidence of a Crime by S. Connell Vondrak

I first heard of S. Connell Vondrak at the Public Safety Writers Conference this year. I knew she had a book published by Oak Tree Press who publishes my Rocky Bluff P.D. series, but nothing more. While at the conference I bought her book, No Evidence of a Crime.

Susan (that's what the S. stands for) is a 24 year veteran of the Illinois State Police, in the forensic department. She's currently the Director of Research and Development and the Statewide Training Program. I tell you all that because the fact that she's an expert really comes through in her mystery.

The story is set in Washington DC and begins with the murder of a congressman's beautiful aide. She was shot near the Capita Mall. (Sound familiar? Let me tell you it might, however the story is nothing like any you've heard about or read before.

The detectives investigating the case, Kathleen and Jim, almost immediately begin noticing discrepancies in the evidence. As the dig deeper, they begin to realize that the evidence, including DNA may have been tampered with. I don't want to say anymore to give away this intriguing plot.

What you will find out if you are curious enough to read the book is what great characters Kathleen and Jim are--nothing like many of the detectives depicted in other mysteries. You'll also learn how DNA is processed and what can be learned from it.

Not only did I enjoy No Evidence of a Crime I was surprised by many of the plot twists that I didn't see coming.


Jake said…
On your recommendation have added to TBR list. Appreciate your wise references. Thank you.
Anonymous said…

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