Raging Water Trailer

Please take a look at my book trailer for Raging Water.


It was created for me by Cheryl Malandrinos and I've got to say it is absolutely perfect! I love, love, love it.

I've been busy with all the promotion for this latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery which has made it hard to work on the edits for two other manuscripts I'm busy with. I also have a book I need to read that I promised to do a review for.

I've taken the posters for the book launch to the Springville Inn--hubby delivered the ones for Books Off Main. I've made some cards to hand out with all the information on them.

And of course, I've been as busy as can be with my virtual book tour.

It seems when I actually read what I wrote for a post when it's up on the host site, I always find a typo.

Sometimes when I try to to respond to comments, the captcha codes are so hard to figure out, I have to do it multiple times. (Five is the most so far.)

Despite sending out reminders ahead of time, once in awhile a host forgets.

People always marvel at how much I do--believe me folks, it isn't easy. I write lists so I'll remember what it is I should do. I keep my calendar up to date for everything else that goes on in my life: doc appts. for hubby and me, church events, book events, etc. and I check it every single day, before I got to bed and when I get up so I don't forget anything. (Getting old, don't you know, and it's much easier to forget.)



Joan Hall Hovey said…
Great cover, but the trailer link isn't working, Marilyn. Wishing you great success with Raging Waters. Love the title.

Joan Hall Hovey said…
Ah, I see, the link includes two urls, so I deleted the first one and it's fine.

Judy said…
Marilyn, I have tried to get in your contest where you talk about Marketing, without success. I hope I can communicate with you on this site.

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