Want to Catch Up on My Blog Tour

If you are interested in my contest to have your name used in my last book and had trouble finding some of the blog I was on, here is the list from last week.

Sept. 2
I See Mystery Every Where
Sept. 3

A Writing Tip

Sept. 4
The Importance of Weather in a Mystery

Sept. 5

Who is Deputy Crabtree?

Sept. 6

Tips on Naming Characters


Review and Book Trailer for Raging Water

Sept, 8
Miqui Sherwood is interviewed.
The idea of the contest is the person who makes a comment on the most blogs will get to be a character in my next book and may choose whether it's a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery or a Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel. And yes, I go back and check to see who has commented and I'm keeping a list of names so I'll know who did comment the most.

Raging Water is available in all the usual places and from the publisher, Mundania Press.



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