Women Warriors, Stories from the Thin Blue Line is another book I bought at the PSWA Conference. The book was compiled and edited by John M. Wills.

There have been many short story anthologies written my male law enforcement officers--this one focuses on the women in law enforcement.

I had a double interest in reading this book, one was because I write about women in law enforcement in both of my mystery series. The second is because I know some of the women authors. Those were the ones I read first. 

 I turned first to "A Dispatcher, A Wife" by Michelle Perin. I've known Michelle for a number of years because of PSWA, but I learned more about her by reading her story. 

The second one I read was Amy Sue Michalik's "Face to Face with the Devil." This one shows how dangerous being on the job often is.

Kathleen Ryan is another friend from PSWA. I've enjoyed many of her short stories since I've met her. In "The Watcher" which is a story of coincidences and a cat.

Each of the stories contained in this book are unique. The stories are divided in categories, the first written by Patrol Officers, next, Dispatchers,  Chaplains, and Corrections. Some will surpise you, a few may make you shed a tear, but each one will give you some insight into what these amazing women have faced in their jobs.

The editor, John M. Wills, is an award winning novelist, non-fiction writer and poet. He served as a Chicago police officer, and retired from the FBI. He worked 33 years in law enforcement.

For those who like to read stories from real life, I highly recommend Women Warriors, Stories from the Thin Blue Line.



heavy hedonist said…
Very interesting, and clearly a collection that needs to be seen. Would that we had more like it.

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