Gone With the Wind

My mother and I went to see Gone With the Wind about 5 times at the movie theater. I even read the book over and over--though I must confess, after the first time, I always skipped the part about the fighting. (Civil War). It was far too gruesome, and even more so in the book than on the screen.

Going to the movie took up a lot of time--it was so long, there was a half hour intermission.

The only copy of it that we have is a video-taped copy, quite faded, but recently, I watched it again.

This is what I noticed this time around.

This movie is probably one of the best depiction of a book with little deviation.

While looking for photos I learned that most of the movie was made on the lot of the movie studio--none of it was made in the South. Honestly, it didn't matter. The story was so compelling that the setting didn't matter. However they did a lot of silhouettes in front of of wonderful sunsets and of course Atlanta burning.

My father worked for Paramount Studio and he once took me on a tour of the studio and I saw sets with painted backgrounds and what looked like real trees and bushes where movies were made. And of course there was the back lot where battles and all sorts of outdoor scenes were made. Much different from today when so many movies are shot on location.

You can find out all sorts of interesting details about the making of Gone With the Wind online.

One thing I was reminded of is Clark Gable was probably the most handsome male star ever. No one today even compares to him.

Even the acting hold up in this film. I've watched a lot of other older films and sometimes the acting is so bad or over the top that it is almost laughable. Or maybe it's just because I know the story and the movie so well, it seems right.

One thing though, unlike many movies of that era, it doesn't have a happy ending-and neither did the book. You have to give Hollywood credit for not creating an alternate Happy Ever After end.

Watching the movie brought back some wonderful memories of enjoying both the book and the movie with my mother. It was a long, long time ago, but I remember it well..


Jake said…
Like the reference no alternate ending to Gone With the Wind. Sometimes there is just too much added distracting from main event. Thank you for reminding us not every story has to have a happy ending for observers to enjoy.
marja said…
Marilyn, What a great blog and what wonderful memories with your mother. Thank you so much for sharing. You made me think about some of the good memories of my own mother.
Anonymous said…
My favorite movie, my favorite book. And yes, Clark Gable was the most handsome actor ever. Even if it was all before my time. I have 3 first editions of the book and the movie in every format. And Scarlett, well Scarlett taught me everything I ever needed to know to get by. And even today they haven't been forgotten by new generations - a song I found on youtube and fell in love with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWfGElFh7rw

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