Hotel Transylvania

Though I'm not necessarily a fan of animated movies, I felt draw to see Hotel Transylvania in the theater for a several reasons.

The first being I read someone say on Facebook that the movie made them laugh a lot. That's always a good thing. Hubby and I tend to go to the more dramatic and tension filled movies like Taken 2, which was the last movie we'd seen and I felt like it was time for something different.

I watched all those monsters on the big screen and on TV (in black and white mainly) through the years. They weren't supposed to be funny back then, but sometimes they were. Of course later, when movies became more sophisticated and in color, the monsters almost seemed real.

The main thrust of this story is Count Dracula is far too protective of his daughter and doesn't want her to even see the outside world. She has plenty of company though, because her dad runs a hotel for monsters, a place they can come and have fun and be safe from humans--the predators in this tale.

I'm not going to say much more because the fun is in the watching as the clever plot unfolds. There are lots of funny references to monster movies of all sorts. The actors who are the monsters' voices do a wonderful job.

We watched in 2D and that was fine for us.

Do yourself a favor during this Halloween season and go see Hotel Transylvania.



Lorna Collins - said…
It's Larry's kind of humor, so I'm sure we'll see it. We don't go often, but we might actually go to the theater for this one.

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