Introducing The Devil's Foothold.

For the first time I have a Kindle book available that I sort of did myself.

I've been reading about all these authors putting their books up on Kindle, and especially those who had books they couldn't find a publisher interested in it. I had a book like that.

When I finished it, I sent it out to various publishers and though I always got good reports on the writing the rejections from the main stream publishers all said something along the lines of, "It's a little too Christian for our readers." So I sent it out to Christian publishers and received the same kind of rejection, "It's a great story but far too scary for our readers."

I liked the story and ended up self-publishing it with an outfit that turned out to not only be a bit on the crooked side (I really know how to pick them) but not all that savvy in the publishing business.

The manuscript has been idling in an old word-processing program for years--until I decided to take a look at it again. When I did, I found it needed some updating, but all in all it still was a good and yes scary story.
I decided to format it for Kindle. And that's where the problems began.

I couldn't figure out the directions at all. I emailed a friend who I know had done this successfully and she tried to help. Then her husband sent me detailed explanations. Finally he realized I was hopeless and offered to do it for me. Of course I took him up on it. In the meantime I found a highly recommended cover artist--and she did a great job. Of course I paid both of them. (It'll be interesting to see if I make back the money that I put out.)

I'd always called this book Christian Horror--my own genre--but decided that Supernatural Mystery fit better.

The Devil's Foothold is available for Kindle now.The Devil's Foothold

Tomorrow I'll tell you a bit more about how the story came to be written.



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