Metaphors, Not my Strong Suit

Recently someone asked me to come up with an original metaphor that I’ve used in a book. I have a confession to make right here and now, I don’t use many metaphors. ( I do use cliches once in a while though, note the title of the blog and the last sentence.)

Instead, I’m going to tell you what I tell my writing group about some things.

First, when one of my fellow authors writes, “he looked sad” or mad or happy or concerned, etc. I always say, describe exactly what his face looks like that makes the person looking at him know he’s sad. For instance, every line on his face turned down. 

For happy, her eyes sparkled; for mad her eyes sparked.

I always tell new writers to pay attention to people’s moods and what they look like and put that into words.

I just thought of one metaphor that I used in a description of an old lady—her complexion was like crackled China. 

Coming up with clever metaphors that actually work isn’t easy—probably why I don’t use many.

Raging Water Blurb: Deputy Tempe Crabtree’s investigation of the murder of two close friends is complicated when relentless rain turns Bear Creek into a raging river. Homes are inundated and a mud slide blocks the only road out of Bear Creek stranding many—including the murderer.

I know there are some people who like to read a series in order, but let me reassure you that every book is complete. Though the characters grow through each book, the crime is always solved. Here is the order of the books for anyone who wants to know: Deadly Trail, Deadly Omen, Unequally Yoked, Intervention, Wing Beat, Calling the Dead, Judgment Fire, Kindred Spirits, Dispel the Mist, Invisible Path, Bears With Us, Raging Water.

Bio: Marilyn Meredith is the author of over thirty published novels, including the award winning Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series, the latest Raging Water from Mundania Press. Writing as F. M. Meredith, her latest Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel us No Bells, the forth from Oak Tree Press. Marilyn is a member of EPIC, three chapters of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and on the board of the Public Safety Writers of America. Visit her at .

Marilyn borrows a lot from where she lives in the Southern Sierra for the town of Bear Creek and the surrounding area.


Anne Gallagher said…
I'm not good with metaphors either, but I do like a good cliche, Which drives my crit partners nuts.

Best of luck on your latest book. It sounds like a good one!

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