Mitchell Family Reunion 2012

Oh my, did we ever have fun at our family reunion.

Things were a bit different this year. We lost a few folks due to other commitments like class reunions, high-schoolers being in the band and so on--and we gained a few new ones.

Our day began by heading over to great-granddaughter's to pick her up. She had a great time in the car using our Magellan GPS to clue her grandpa in to where he was supposed to turn etc. 

We always stop for breakfast in McDonald's in  Bakersfield and she was all for that. That first evening it was mostly immediate family (still a lot of people). Our dinner was the chili I made there with the ingredients I'd brought and all sort of drinks and snacks. (Above is a photo of me and my girls.0

I am always glad to see my sister who comes from Las Vegas. That evening besides lots of yakking, we also played our favorite card game, Estimation--though there was also a lively game of Pinochle going on. Some of the younger ones took advantage of the pool.

The next day many more arrived. My cousin Barbara, her daughter, her son and his daughter appeared, though they'd arrived late the night before. My sister's granddaughter arrived with her husband and four kids as did my granddaughter and hubby with two kids.

We don't have to worry about breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express as they provide wonderful choices that make everyone happy. A group picture was taken and water games played. Lots of folks took advantage of the Outlet Stores close by. For lunch, hamburgers and hot dogs were cooked on the barbecue and served with all the trimmings. The afternoon was filled with lots more catching up and a few more arrivals.

Some excitement came with the arrival of a small helicopter that landed in a bare spot on the desert. The owners came to spend the night at the hotel on their way back East. 

We had tacos and taco salad for dinner. The kids put on a talent show which also included Archie the golden retriever doing his tricks. We heard some corny jokes, watched some energetic danding, saw some fake fighting,  one of the young cousins riding her unicycle, and probably the most talented, great-granddaughter Peyton showing off her skills as an Irish dancer. 

We ended the evening with the kids doing a craft project, making some spiffy pillows, playing a rousing game of Estimation (and the pinochle players) and a late night swim.

Great fun was had by all and it was so much fun to see some offspring we hadn't seen for awhile.

We'll do it again next year.



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