Scary Stuff for Halloween

I visited a friend's blog today and she's relating scary stuff that has happened to her. I decided to do the same thing on my blog today and on Halloween.

When I was a kid of about 12 and babysitting two doors up the street for a policeman's two little kids, someone tried to get in the front door around 11 p.m.. The policeman had left a loaded gun home and told me where it was (can you imagine?). First I called my dad, then I got the gun and went to the door. Far braver than I felt, I shouted, "I've got a gun and I'll use it if you come in!)

My dad arrived about 15 minutes later (seemed like an hour) because he got dressed before he came up. I'm sure he thought I was imagining things. He checked all around the outside of the house and told me no one was there. Of course not by that time.

Another time when I was a teen, I got brought home after a young people's church group--my folks were still at church--unlocked the front door, came into the house and went straight to the bathroom. I didn't shut the door because no one was home. While washing my hands, I looked in the mirror and saw someone run past the bathroom (they'd probably been in my folks' bedroom), I went after him, stomping my feet, "I'm coming after you." (Pretty dumb.) Whoever it was came in through the back door which was still open. Next to the door was a little door that opened to a place where the milkman put our milk delivery--and those little doors were open too. I locked up, but was too scared to stay in the house so I went out on the front porch and sat until my folks came home. Also dumb. Why I though I was safer outside I have no idea.

And now one that happened on Halloween. I loved trick-or-treating. We never had many sweets on hand when I was a kid. Trick-or-treating was a great way to stock up. When I was a kid, people were still handing out homemade candied apples, cookies, and popcorn balls--and those were the best treats of all.

Slowly, the group I'd been going house-to-house with got smaller and smaller until I was the last one. I wasn't ready to quit and headed afar, places I hadn't visited  yet. I found a house near one of my girlfriend's that had many stairs to climb to get to the front door. I knocked with anticipation, wondering what goodie I'd receive.

The door opened and a man with a scowl and a rifle pointed right at me said, "You know what I do to trick-or treaters?"

I was sure I was going to be murdered right on the spot. The man's demeanor changed. He smiled and said, "I give them candy." And he did.

That was enough for me. I knew it was time to go home.



Morgan Mandel said…
Great stories, Marilyn. I couldn't have thought them up. Nothing beats real happenings!

Morgan Mandel
Truth is always more strange than fiction.
Phyliss Ranson said…
Marilyn, thanks for sharing your stories, they made me giggle and brought back memories of Halloweens of years past.

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