Something Red, a Review

Something Red by Douglas Nicholas was not something I’d choose to read on my own. A story set in medieval times in England with a heavy dose of magic and fantasy is not the kind of novel I’d go looking for. However, once I got into it I was captured by the lyrical writing, the compelling characters and the intriguing plot.

I noticed that it has been labeled several different genres from an historical novel to a suspenseful coming of age novel. Set in 13th century England, the main character, Hob, does indeed grow up during his travels with a band of unusual people during terrible weather from one safe place to another only to learn they are being stalked by something horrible.

As the group plods along from one place to another they must overcome terrible obstacles. Most of what happens is seen through the eyes of Hob who becomes more and more important as the struggle becomes more difficult and they learn that people who once sheltered them have been slain in a most blood thirsty manner. The threat of this same outcome for the travelers seem like a real possibility.

Though I hadn’t expected to, I could hardly wait to keep reading on.

This book is for anyone who loves history heavily laden with magic and fantasy and written in a near-poetic manner.

 Thank you, Simon and Schuster for sending me this book, it gave me much pleasure. I wrote this review because I wanted to share what and excellent book, Something Red is.


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