The Beginnngs of The Devil's Foothold

I've always been a sucker for horror movies, not the slash and blood and gore flicks but the ones that are downright scary and often have demons and even the devil in them. Seldom did the main characters have any faith in any religion or if they did it was usually the Catholic faith--never a Protestant.

I began thinking about creating a story with the devil and a heroine and/or hero who were Christians. I did some research into Satan worshiping, and it certainly made me wonder why anyone would be interested in following a supernatural being who would end up in a fiery hell for all eternity. The more are investigated the more intrigued I became and soon began writing.

At the time, I was new to the foothill area where I live now and decided to make it the setting. I wanted a female resident deputy with a teenage son and a local pastor in the book.

Anyone who has read my Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series will recognize some of these elements. Actually this might have been the beginnings of that series, but Tempe changed and became a Native American which I didn't even use in The Devil's Foothold.

When I wrote the second Tempe mystery, I knew that the first book had to be different characters and setting. So I moved the town farther north putting it along the old '49 highway. I changed everyone's names and physical descriptions--their personalities had already changed in the second book.

I also realized I should change the title and The Devil's Foothold came from a Bible verse.

When I was going over it, I found I needed to do some updating and I hope I caught everything.

If this has made you curious at all, I hope  you'll take a look at The Devil's Foothold.


While jogging, Deputy Jessica McGuire discovers a baby’s grave in an old family graveyard has been desecrated and the skeleton stolen. Pastor David Tanner calls to report a hand carved redwood cross has been stolen from his church. A beloved kid (baby goat) has disappeared.  When one of Pastor Tanner’s cows is mutilated, he is convinced Satan worshipping is going on in the mountain community. Though not completely convinced, Jessica teams up with David to investigate. She stumbles upon a robed and hooded group having a ceremony in the woods and they all scatter when she makes herself known. The more she learns, the more she wonders if her teenaged son might be involved. 



M.M. Gornell said…
Makes me shiver, Marilyn, just reading about!
Phyliss Ranson said…
Sounds like a perfect Halloween read to get for my kindle!
It's supposed to make you shiver, Madeline.

Phyliss, I do hope you will read The Devil's Foothold.

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