Yesterday was Our Anniversary

Our Wedding Photo, October 24, 1951.

This is how we look now.
We haven't done a lot of huge celebrations, though on our 25th, our 5 kids planned a dinner party at a restaurant--the catch was everyone had to pay for their own dinner.

Our 50th wedding anniversary.

On our 50th we went on a cruise to Mexico. Our daughters and their husbands, my sis and brother-in-law and good friends joined us. There are some great stories about that cruise. We were on the Newlywed Game, and my husband came up with some wild answers and became a celebrity thanks to the taping of the show that they ran over and over on the TVs in the staterooms

We went on a week long cruise with sister and brother-in-law for our 60th, but couldn't find the photos we had taken. It's just as well, I guess, since I didn't do much of a job getting these on here in order. This year we went to a friend's for lunch and watched a soap opera with her--General Hospital--the soap we watch every day, sort of, and nap through much of it. We went to the movies the day after--we do love movies.


Jani said…
such an inspiration. <3 Love your work. Love your words. <3 Thank you for sharing it with us all <3
Heidiwriter said…
Congratulations! This is truly a milestone to celebrate!!

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