A Haunted House--Ours.

Just ask my grandchildren, they'll tell you the house is haunted.

When one of my granddaughters spent the night she would never sleep in one of the empty bedrooms--it always had to be upstairs with us. When she was small enough, she had to be between her grandpa and me. When she got too big for that, she slept in a sleeping bag on the floor beside me.

You can also ask my grandson who lived with us from the time he was 11 until he beame and adult (sort of) at 21. He often spoke of strange noises, glimpsing someone who wasn't there.

And then there are our cats. Cats are supposed to be more intuned to see spirits and things the rest of us can't. All of our cats watched invisible beings, and the two we have now even more so. It is weird to see them follow something or someone that I can't. Downright spooky.

So what about me? I often hear strange knocking right on my computer table or under it--but since I can't see anything, I just keep right on doing whatever I'm doing.

I often hear the back door open and close, call out "Who is here?" Sometimes I get an answer and it's a real person since all our relatives and most of our friends just walk in--but sometimes no one is there.

Once in awhile I get a glimpse of someone from the corner of my eye--a ghost? I don't know for sure. There are two things I do know:

Despite what happens in movies, ghosts can't hurt you. (Now if you believe n demons--now that's a whole different story.)

I think that old houses containe memories, echoes of things past and those who once lived there. Some of the ghostly goings-on in my house may have something to do with that. A lot of people have lived in this house. Before us, several who died in the house. The house was a care home when we bought it, and we continued with it being a care home for women with developmental disabilities. As far as I know, none of them died here before and  I know not after we took over.
My dad died in the little house next door but on our property, and mom moved in our house for a while. Several families lived in that little house at different times--all relatives. And  a few right here in this one, while we had our ladies with us we still had empty bedrooms that various grandchldren lived in for a short or long while.

That's a lot of people who's actions might still be echoing within these walls.

Does it ever scare me when there are strange noises, or wisps of something here and there? Absolutely not. If anything, it's rather intriguging. Not everyone gets to live in a haunted house. Quite ideal for a writer.

Maybe it has had some influence on me, you could always check out The Devil's Foothold. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009R7DZ1S


bolligersrus said…
Great post, Marilyn! You’re much braver than me. I’d be calling my priest or at least the people from TAPS. (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) But, you’re right … a little extra muse could be beneficial for a mystery writer.
This is the most intriguing blog I've read in a long time. Having written a mystery with a ghost in it (GIVING UP THE GHOST) I'm glad that you live on good terms with your ghostly occupants and you're not afraid of them.
Lorna Collins - said…
I've always wanted to live with a ghost, but the only one we ever had was a nocturnal cat.
Anonymous said…
Fascinating, Marilyn. Unfortunately John and I and friends built our house, nothing at all here to call ghosts. Not that I'd mind if they did manifest a presence, especially after reading your post.
Thanks everyone for commenting. Oneof these days I'll write about other ghostly encounters.
Sunny Frazier said…
Our mutual friend Pat Browning saw my ghost, apparently the woman my house was built for in the '40's. I haven't seen her, but the china cabinet doors opened a lot when I first moved in. Then, one day, she pushed me into the stove while I was cooking. It was playful. I gave her the front bedroom and we live together in peace.
marja said…
We had our house built, so no one else has ever lived here. However, one of our dogs seems to "hear voices", and she listens intently. Not just indoors, but outside, too, so I know it's not the house settling. Interesting to watch.

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